Linergy X20 Electric Outboard


Unleash superior performance with the Linergy X20 Electric Outboard Motor. Operating at 48 volts, it delivers an impressive 225 fps of thrust while being nearly half the weight of traditional gas motors. Use it with up to three Linergy 50-amp batteries for hours of uninterrupted adventure. With Sport, Normal, and Eco modes, and compatibility with our mobile app, the X20 ensures a safe, powerful, and tailored boating experience.

Input Power (KW)                                              10.5

Voltage (Vdc)                                                          48

Rated Current (A)                                                220

Equivalent Power (HP)                                     20  (18 equivalent at the prop)

Propeller Speedy (RPM)                                   2400

Thrust Force (lb/pound)                                    225

Propeller Sizes (inch)                                          10 x 10

Net Weight (Kg)                                                      29

(Linergy X20 requires a minimum of 4 Epoch 48v Lithium Batteries to operate or equivalent 30/50amp / 48-volt batteries, with combined output of 220 amps)


photo of Linergy Marine X20 engine on the back of a small white boat

Experience unrivaled performance with our flagship X20 Electric Outboard Motor, operating optimally at 48 volts. It's safe, powerful, and reliable!

The Linergy X20 Electric Outboard Engine packs a punch, delivering a stunning 225 fps of thrust while being almost half the weight of comparable gas motors. It ensures you reach your destination quicker, saving you valuable time and resources. Constructed with a sturdy aluminum frame and enhanced with a five-stage paint process, the X20 electric outboard is built to last.

When paired with up to four 48-volt, 30-amp Epoch Lithium batteries via our unique Quad Cell terminal, the X20 provides several hours of uninterrupted boating adventure without the need for recharging. You can tailor your ride to match your needs with three output levels - Sport, Normal, and Eco Mode. Monitor your batteries closely using Epoch's free, downloadable mobile application available for both IOS and Android platforms. Extend your time on the water by simply adding extra batteries (up to 8 epoch 30ah batteries can be housed per Quad Cell Hub)

Linergy X20 Electric Outboard Features

  • Zero emissions
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Extremely economical
  • Easily disconnect from the transom
  • Three (3) speed modes
  • Up to 225 fps of thrust force
  • Top Speed of 19mph
  • Zero maintenance up to 1,000 hours

All Linergy Engines come with a 3 Year Warranty! Learn More

Please note: speed and distance are subject to varying factors such as boat type, weather conditions, water currents, and load weight. Our X20 has recorded a top speed of 19 MPH on a 12-foot aluminum hull boat and up to 2.5 hours of run time with four parallel Epoch 30-amp batteries.


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