Remote Throttle


Experience enhanced control with our proprietary, durable Remote Throttle. Compatible with all models, it offers up to 20 feet of cable for maneuverability, a magnetic key cut-off switch for safety, and can be repositioned for left or right-hand use. Made from weather-resistant aluminum, it’s designed for long-lasting use! Combined with our super easy-to-install Teleflex Steering System, you’ll go from Trollin’ to Rollin’ in no time!


(Steering Wheel Not Included)

Elevate your control experience with our durable and proprietary remote throttle. This high-quality throttle is compatible with all models and comes standard with up to fifteen feet of cable, offering extensive maneuverability. For even greater reach, additional cable can be purchased separately.

The remote throttle is further enhanced with an innovative magnetic key cut-off switch for added safety and control. It offers the unique flexibility of being repositioned for both left and right-hand use, providing an optimized setup for any user.

Crafted from weather-resistant aluminum, the remote is built to withstand the elements and provide long-lasting service. Experience precision control at your fingertips with our proprietary remote throttle.


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