We Are Linergy Marine.

Linergy Marine was created within a family run business several years ago with the ambition to reduce the need for combustion engines and to help more families get on the water who enjoy boating on eco-friendly rivers and lakes. After 2 generations of motors, years of rigorous testing and redeveloping with our partner company, EZ Outboards, Linergy Marine finally launched our new eXtreme series Electric Outboards.

The management team of Linergy Marine LLC comes with decades of experience in the boating industry. Linergy Marine LLC shares its full-time management with their highly successful sister company.  East Marine Boats Inc.  East Marine Boats Inc. manufactures and sells over three hundred lightweight aluminum frame inflatable yacht tenders per year from their factory in West Palm Beach, Florida. The management has a passion for boating and continues to strive for better quality and more efficient products within the small boat industry.